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Jackson Connect is wholly owned by Jackson County REMC and was formed to bring a true high-speed fiber optic internet to the members of the cooperative, most of which live in areas with no or limited access to a true broadband connection.

Through a February 2016 strategic planning mandate, the Jackson County REMC Board of Directors tasked the REMC staff with finding a way to provide members with access to a broadband internet connection. After extensive research and exploring options, it became apparent the REMC would need to be the provider of the internet connection. A feasibility study conducted in early 2017 confirmed this was a financially feasible project for the cooperative to undertake followed by a statistically-valid survey which provided additional confirmation.

On May 9, 2017 the Board of Directors unanimously voted to form Jackson Connect to provide a fiber optic broadband internet connection to the members of Jackson County REMC. A multi-phase construction plan was developed and construction of the first phase will begin in October 2017. This first phase includes a 220 mile “backbone” and 120 miles for the circuits served from our Brownstown Metering point. Decisions on where the subsequent phases will be built will be partly based on member interest.

We are excited about this new service that is being billed as a necessity of modern life, just as electricity was in the late 1930’s when rural electric cooperatives were formed. We look forward to providing the same quality of service that we have always striven to provide as your electric company as we now also become your fiber company.


If you are interested in receiving broadband service. Levels of interest in certain areas may help us decide where to build next!


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